When is the iPhone 12 being launched?

For many years, Apple has used its landmark new product announcement in September to launch the latest handset in its ever-popular iPhone series.

Yet Apple fans tuning into its launch show on 15 September will have noticed the shock absence of any news about the next iPhone device – dubbed the iPhone 12.

Why was the new iPhone missing from the event and what did Apple announce instead? We dig into some of these questions here.

What did Apple launch at its September 2020 event?

Even though the latest flagship smartphone didn’t make an appearance, the event was still notable for the launch of a range of products.

Three new Apple Watches were shown off, as well as a pumped-up version of the watchOS. The headline new feature of this is a pulse oximeter which will keep track of blood oxygen levels, the results of which will be used in studies focusing on diseases like COVID-19.

As for the actual watches, Apple announced three devices at a range of pricepoints; from the Apple Watch 6 and its high-end counterpart, which offers GPS and cellular capabilities, to the Apple Watch SE – marketed as a more affordable alternative to these top end devices.

Apple fans were also treated to two new iPads; a pared down tablet and a more powerful device called the iPad Air, running on Apple’s fastest chip to date.

Not purely hardware focused, the launch event also saw the release of Apple Fitness+ – a subscription service offering personalised training videos and bonus health features for the Apple Watch – as well as Apple One, an all-dancing Apple subscription which bundles in services like Music and Gaming.

So, where is the next iPhone?

The iPhone might have been a no-show at this event, but that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t going to give us an upgrade to its favourite handset this year.

You might have noticed that 2020 has been somewhat tumultuous. One of the knock-on effects of the global pandemic and nationwide lockdowns has been on manufacturing and supply chains. Apple has not been immune to this, with the delivery date of the iPhone 12 slipping due to this disruption.

Apple had already hinted as early as February 2020 that there would be some impacts on its production.

But fear not! Rumours are suggesting that Apple’s first 5G ready smartphone will be released at a dedicated event early-to-mid October. It’s also been rumoured that the iPhone 12 could be joined by as many as three other phones – the iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max – at a range of pricepoints. Looked at alongside the iPhone SE, which launched earlier this year, and it’s clear that 2020 will be a bumper year for Apple handset releases.

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