What is Triller?

In August 2020, US President Donald Trump announced that he had signed up to Triller. But what exactly is Triller? Read on to find out.

Triller is a social video app that rivals TikTok. It’s actually been around since 2015 but has come to prominence recently due to US Government concerns around the security of TikTok, given its Chinese ownership. Before success in U.S. charts, Triller was already on the rise in other countries thanks to TikTok concerns and bans worldwide. For example, following TikTok’s ban in India, Triller reached No.1 in India’s photos and videos section of the App Store early in July 2020.

How does it differ from TikTok?

The app’s main purpose is watching or creating 15-second-long videos, which – like TikTok – can be edited with additional music, filters or other visuals. It has been downloaded more than 120 million times worldwide.

While both are apps are social video-sharing platforms, Triller automatically edits user videos using AI-powered software. Users can film multiple takes of themselves and using artificial intelligence, the app will automatically compile together the best clips to create a music video – TikTok users, however, edit their own videos and have more options in doing so.

The ‘Discover Page’ also differs. Triller organises its page with Leaderboards, genres categorisation, promoted campaigns, and top videos, whereas TikTok displays trending hashtags, top videos, and promoted campaigns.

If you know how TikTok works, you’ll feel right at home with Triller. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can follow other users, search for whatever content you’re interested in, and record your own videos for sharing, just as you’ll already be accustomed to.

However, with other companies like Instagram also jumping on short video creation with its new feature Reels, Triller will need to stand out against the crowd.

Is it safe for children?

The Triller app is aimed at users who are 12 years of age and older. It can be found in the App Store and the Google Play Store and features in-app purchases and advertisements, which children might be tempted to run up a high bill on if left unsupervised. As with many video sharing sites, the app typically reserves the right to use anything publicly distributed on the platform for marketing and commercial purposes. Parents with children on this platform, especially children at the minimum account age of 13, should take note of the Triller app’s terms and conditions, as they may not feel comfortable giving the developers that much access to their child’s videos.

For further information, head over to Triller’s website where it lists out a number of FAQs on getting the best from the service.