Six Mobile Security Issues in 2012

As you might expect, mobile data users move faster than the rest of the business world. They adopt new tools quickly. They adapt to new policies and protocols readily. They overcome obstacles with pragmatism and speed. Keeping up with the mobile workforce has kept network administrators on their toes. But looking ahead, IT departments are looking far beyond their role as fleet managers for a fringe group. They must now address the growing number of mobile users at all levels of their organization, and look to provide more than simply access. They must now reach this mobile workforce through specialized services and custom-developed applications.

At the heart of all mobile activity is the paramount importance of security. As users take on multiple devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) and connect to an increasing menu of wireless peripherals (storage drives, printers, etc.) and flirt with an explosion of exciting new applications, the need to secure every endpoint has forced IT directors to reassess their entire mobile strategy and architecture.

To help you plan for the coming year, Good Technology has identified six trends that will drive mobile security issues in 2012.