Can I cut my old SIM card to fit the nano-SIM slot in my new phone?

While there are many articles out there claiming that you can, it is not a good idea to try and resize your current SIM card to fit where a nano-SIM should go. Many people found they could fit their mini-SIM card into a micro-SIM slot by cutting off some of the card’s plastic casing. This is not the case with nano-SIMs. While mini and micro-SIMs were the same thickness, the new nano-SIMs are 12% thinner than its predecessors, down to 0.67mm from 0.76mm. While this may not seem like much, you risk damaging both your iPhone and your SIM card by trying to insert it into a phone built to use a nano-SIM card. Some articles claim that you can sand down the plastic backing of a micro-SIM card, but in doing so you risk damaging the chip in the card, and if you are not careful, the plastic dust could get into your iPhone and damage it as well, an expensive mistake.

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