Your Christmas 2020 Technology Gift Guide

Are you one of those people who leave Christmas gift shopping to the very last minute? Do you find it difficult to decide what to get your loved ones? Worry no more as we’re here to help with some great suggestions for tech-related gifts.

Among the many things that 2020 has thought us is how much we rely on technology and for that reason we’ve picked out a few gadgets which could make for a perfect present this Christmas.

One for the Christmas jumper lover

Staying healthy and safe is all everyone wants this Christmas but keeping a distance from loved ones is certainly not an easy task. Thankfully, there is a jumper that can help you do just that.

Created by a home security company, this connected jumper encourages social distancing by using alarms and flashing lights. It is equipped with motion sensors that set off the sweater’s siren and flashing LED lights when someone steps within six feet of you.

It’s a playful way to protect yourselves and your loved ones this Christmas!

One for the gaming enthusiast

We all have that one friend who has spent a lot of their time during lockdown gaming. And now that many of us will be spending the holiday season in-doors, what a better gift than a next-generation gaming console.

Microsoft & Sony both released the latest iterations of their Xbox and PlayStation consoles earlier this year, and every gaming enthusiast has been eager to get their hands on them. These new consoles represent a step up in terms of their specifications – we dive into more detail of those in this post.

If getting one of those consoles seems like mission impossible due to their high demand, you could get them a new game instead – that option might be kinder to your pocket too! Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Hitman III are among the games getting gamers most excited in 2020, so why not consider them as a gift option.

One for the fitness fanatic

Many of us took up fitness and exercise this year as something to keep us healthy, as well as combat stress and anxiety related to the pandemic. So, if you have a friend that has started running or doing exercise at home, a fitness tracker would be a great gift to put under the Christmas tree for them.

For example, the new Fitbit Charge 4 tracker is the perfect gift for someone who loves to set themselves fitness goals. Some of the features this wearable has include a built-in GPS, active zone minutes, swim & sleep trackers and up to seven days battery life.

Alternatively, if your budget allows you might want to consider Apple’s latest Series 6 smartwatch which features a Blood Oxygen sensor and app to help users better understand their overall fitness and wellness.

One for the kid that likes to read

If you want to encourage your children to read more, Amazon’s Kindle Kids edition might be great choice. Dressed up in a cute case, it comes with a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+, which lets parents filter and monitor content for their children, as well as a two-year worry-free replacement guarantee (in case your child breaks it).

The device could be a great learning tool as it allows you look up or highlight difficult/ unknown words or add them to a Vocabulary Builder tool.

We hope you find these tech gift ideas inspiring. If this blog put you in the festive mood, here are a few other Christmas blogs to read: