Yahoo Hack: what should I do?

Yahoo is current the record holder for being the victim of the biggest hack of all time. The details of over a billion users were stolen in 2013, information that only came to light in December 2016. If you have an account with Yahoo here the steps you need to immediately take:

Change your password

You should change to a secure password of sufficient length and complexity. We developed a handy guide here.

Remember you should not reuse any passwords. We recommend using a password manager that creates random individual passwords for your online accounts.

If your Yahoo password is the same as your Facebook, Instagram or any other service, then these passwords all need to be changed immediately.

Check for suspicious activity

Yahoo lets you check if there have been any logins from a location that you’re not familiar with.

To do this:

On desktop

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Account.
  2. Click the Settings icon   and click Account info.
  3. Click Recent Activity.

On mobile

  1. From an app or mobile browser, tap the Sidebar icon .
  2. Tap Account info.
    • If using the Yahoo Mail app, tap Manage Accounts to see this option.
  3. Tap Recent activity.

If you notice anything odd, you should definitely take steps to make sure your other services like Facebook aren’t compromised.

Enable two-step verification

Yahoo allows you to enable two-step verification. The means that once you log in with your password Yahoo will text you a security code, which you’ll enter in the next step.

It’s a little longer to log in, but it is very secure as only you will have your phone with you when you log in.

Alter your reset questions

If you can remember what your password security question is e.g. “Q: What is the name of your first pet? A: Poppy” then you need to choose a different option. The hackers have this information now.

If you use the same security answer on any other service, you will have to change this too. Otherwise hackers could reset your passwords on these services, and take control of your other accounts.

Consider deleting your account

If your Yahoo email was filling up with spam, or not your priority account, it might be a good idea to close the account and open a new one.

Being hacked can be very frustrating, but these steps will let you get back in control of your Yahoo account, and ensure that only you have your password.