Which antivirus is best?

Getting malware on your PC or mobile can be very frustrating, and can lead to your personal details being compromised. That’s why you need a strong antivirus program, that can safeguard your device. Antivirus software these days protects a lot more than just viruses. It also helps ensure your passwords aren’t stolen, and your credit card details remain secure when you buy online.

However, there are so many options out there, it can be hard to know which program to trust. Here are a few top picks for you to consider, both for your PC and your mobile.

Symantec Norton Security with Backup

From one of the most famous software makers, this version of the software comes with 10 licenses, meaning you can protect your laptops, PCs, Macs, mobiles and tablets all with one purchase.

Its features include antivirus, anti-spam, a two-way firewall and identity protection, and also tools to speed-up your PC and back-up your data.

Bitdefender Internet Security

Like Norton, this software has anti-virus software, anti-spyware, and online protection – including internet banking – with a PC tune-up too. It’s also been commended for not blocking legitimate programs unnecessarily.

You can also tell it when you’re playing games, or watching a movie, or doing work so it doesn’t interrupt you.

Avira Free Antivirus

If you’re looking for free antivirus software, look no further than Avira. It competes incredibly well with its paid-for competitors, though it has a few less features and you will see adverts. However, for doing the basics right and detecting and removing malware from your computer, it is excellent.

CM Security

For your Android smartphone, Clean Master security is an award-winning security option and provides some of the best malware protection on the platform.

It protects against malware and malicious websites, but also against anyone snooping on your phone, taking a picture of someone that tries to unlock your phone. You can also lock your apps and block unwanted calls.

Whichever program you end up choosing, please remember to run regular updates to ensure your protection is up to date.