What’s new in iOS 12?

Every year, Apple releases an update to its iOS operating system which often comes with an array of new features for the iPhone and iPad. This year, the update is packed with new developments for you to try out. Look at some of the highlights from iOS 12:

Increased performance for older models

In the past, many customers have noted how their iPhones and tablets became slower as Apple released new products. Apple have always put this down to the new requirements of updated operating systems. But now, with its focus on reliability and performance, iOS 12 will speed up your older handsets.

Apple has stated that for the iPhone 6 Plus, for instance, iOS 12 will make the phone 40% faster at launching apps, 70% faster at opening the camera and 50% quicker at displaying the keyboard.

In turn, this makes your older Apple device more reliable as it extends its lifespan and means it has compatibility with the latest features.

Grouped notifications

A small but significant change is grouped notifications. The current system means users are presented with a list of all their updates which can be difficult to read. iOS 12 will group notifications by application, topic and thread, making it much easier to digest.

The introduction of Memoji

Memoji is a customizable mask that you can change to look like you. You can select hairstyles, eye color and accessories such as earrings or sunglasses.

This feature requires Apple’s TrueDepth front-facing camera and so is only available as a feature in the latest iPhone models.

Siri is smarter than ever

If you use Siri shortcuts, a brand new app for your device, you’ll be able to assign certain phrases to tasks. That means that by saying “I’ve lost my keys”, Siri will ring your Tile tracker to find your keys. Similarly, you could say “I am heading home” and Siri will not only notify your roommate, but it will set the thermostat and bring up the fastest route via Apple Maps.

Elsewhere, Apple has upgraded Siri’s ability to translate into 40 more languages to aid international travels. While other new skills Siri has acquired include te ability to recite motorsports news, food and celebrity facts and your passwords – should you need to go hunting for your saved login details.

Development of Screen Time

Screen Time is Apple’s way of telling you when you’re on your phone for too long. It will track how long you spend on different apps and allow you to impose limits. A ‘Time-Up’ message will display once you have reached your self-imposed and Siri-assisted, limit.

This is particularly useful for parents who are looking to limit the amount of time their child spends on their device. Parents will be able to create limits for kids with allowances, downtime controls based on the time of day and category controls. Education and essential messaging apps can also be greenlit thanks to an always-allowed setting. This can all be done through the Family Sharing feature too, allowing parents to implement these controls remotely.

Measuring tape? That’s in the past!

Apple has released a new ‘Measure’ app which allows users to measure objects in front of them. It uses the device’s sensors to calculate the approximate dimensions of a photo. All you have to do is just tap and drag along the edges of the object on the screen, and the app will do the rest.

Multiplayer comes to AR

Apple has pushed to cement its place as a leader in mobile AR technology through new multiplayer capabilities in ARKit 2. ARKit 2 opens up AR to hundreds of millions of users and that makes iOS 12 the broadest AR platform in the world.

Which features are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.