What is YouTube Go?

Google has created YouTube Go, an app which will bring the global video-sharing website offline and to a global audience. The app is designed for users who live in areas with poor internet connectivity and are concerned with their data usage.

YouTube Go enables users to save and download videos for offline viewing, a service which the internet giant normally charges for. Users will also be able to share the videos through device-to-device connections such as Bluetooth, to avoid eating further into a user’s data plan. The app has been specifically created to operate on low data and speeds ensuring that users can still enjoy the platform without having to compromise on experience.

For users who are conscious about the amount of data they consume, they can preview content to avoid committing to a download and can choose how many megabytes they spend on a video. Normally though, the more megabytes a user spends watching a video, the better the quality of the content. Using a small amount of data usually results in lag or a pixelated video.  Therefore, it is always best to find a balance between video quality and data usage.

Google initially targeted the app for countries with well-known data and connection issues such as India. However, after analyzing the results from its latest beta test, it is now planning to roll out the app into over 130 countries. The latest version of YouTube Go is equipped with an option to download and stream videos in higher quality, a personalized content feed, as well as the ability to share multiple videos at the same time with another device.

There are currently no plans to roll-out YouTube Go in countries with access to regular and strong cellular coverage. This means that most of Western Europe, North America and East Asia will not receive the app. However, this means that it will be able to reach those who need its features the most.

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