What is the best way to prevent phishing?

There are some basic things to remember to avoid being phished. First, never respond to any emails or instant messages that ask you for personal information or financial details. Second, if an email asks you to call a number to verify financial information, do not. Instead, use the phone number on the back of your credit card, or your bank’s phone number. Third, always use anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

The best way to prevent phishing is to have some kind of personal security device separate from your PC that is part of the login. This might be a card or USB token that uses smart card technology to safely identify you and make sure you are logging in to the real site. Some banks have begun offering these devices to their customers. Contact your service provider, bank, or issuer to find out if they offer such a device to access their online services.

For more information, visit the Interpol Web site on Information Technology Crime or the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).