What is Musical.ly?

Musical.ly is a video social network app on iOS and Android that lets users, or musers as they’re known, create short videos from 15 seconds to a minute all set to music. These can then be shared to friends, and the platform has become wildly popular with teens who love to lip-sync to their favorite songs.

It’s also got fun features like being able to play with the speed of the music from time-lapse and slow, through to normal, fast, and finally epic. Image filters and effects can also be loaded, and as with many other social networks hashtags and friends lists are also present.

Since launching, Musical.ly has built a community around famous ‘musers’ loved for their content. Users can also “remuse” (reuse) sounds created by others, ask questions and even perform a duet with another.

As the app is relatively unknown by adults, there are some things parents should be aware of.

Access to age inappropriate content

Accounts can be made private so only trusted friends can see the videos uploaded. This is recommended for younger users to ensure strangers don’t pry, and others don’t troll / bully them. This is a topic we’ve covered on JustAskGemalto if you’re concerned.

However, parents should be aware the by clicking on certain hashtags users may access content not be suitable for their age.

That is why we recommend supervising your child when they are browsing the app. It can be really fun to help them make their videos and let them express their creativity, but do be aware of what they could see.