What is mixed reality?

You’ve probably heard of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, two emerging technologies which have revolutionary potential.

To summarize these quickly, Augmented Reality involves a virtual display being overlaid on a physical setting, while Virtual Reality transports the user into a completely fabricated 3D environment, which makes it popular in the video gaming world.

Mixed reality is a hybrid of the two. It combines AR and VR facilities to create a truly immersive experience.

The technology scans the physical environment and then creates a 3D map, which allows the device to anticipate where and how digital content should be displayed. Mixed Reality also uses transparent lenses and spatial sound to create holograms, which engage with the environment around you.

So, how might Mixed Reality change the world? It may revolutionize communication, allowing people to sit with each other in the same space, even if they’re miles and miles apart. In addition, it could make watching a football match a radically different experience, creating new real-time game experiences for fans. These are just some of the possibilities.

Except for the Microsoft Hololens, there aren’t many Mixed Reality devices available just yet. However, that’s certain to change in the future. Over the next ten years, expect to see mass adoption of MR-enabled devices.

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