What is Instagram TV?

Earlier in June, social media platform Instagram launched Instagram TV (IGTV) – a new long-form video sharing service. Using this application, users will be able to upload videos of up to one hour in length. Video capabilities have previously been available on Instagram but were only limited to a maximum of 30 seconds for a story and 1 minute for a ‘live’ video.

The new function is accessible from a button inside the Instagram home screen and a standalone app, and it will spotlight popular videos form celebrities and well-known brands.

In IGTV’s dedicated app or its in-Instagram experience, users will be able to swipe through a variety of longer-form videos or swipe up to visit a tab of personally recommended videos, popular videos, people they’re following and the option to continue watching previously started videos.

How IGTV Works

If you already have an Instagram account, it is very simple to access IGTV – just open the app and look for the orange TV icon in the top-right corner. When you tap on it, you will be able to access and view videos from people that you follow and popular creators such as celebrities, influencers and brands. The app will also allow you to subscribe to channels.

Android and iOS users can also download a dedicated app from the Google or Apple stores. Once you’ve opened the app, the videos will start playing automatically.

How to upload my own videos

Anyone with an Instagram account, except those with smaller and new accounts, will be able to upload videos to IGTV. However, if you are an influencer/ public figure with a lot of followers (1000+), your account might be restricted to uploading only 10-minute videos.

To start uploading your videos, tap on the orange TV icon and then select the settings icon on the right (just above the options for videos that you’d be promoted to see). You will be then prompted to create a channel, and by following a few simple steps, you will create a place for your videos linked to your account.

In the long term, Instagram is looking to get all users, which are now 1 billion, to post long-form videos on the platform.

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