What is Facebook Workplace?

Workplaces are increasingly looking for alternatives to email. In the social media era, it’s seen as too rigid. There are already popular work sharing networks like Yammer, Slack and Basecamp, which we’ve discussed separately in another post. Now, Facebook is recognizing the opportunity to grow its business.

At its F8 conference in 2017, founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed the social network is updating its Workplace network. It’s a business version of the site, launched last year. So, what exactly can you do with it and why might it be a better option than email?

  • It’s got all the core features of the normal Facebook network. There’s a news feed, groups where you can share stories, photos and documents, as well as Live video streaming, Reactions, Search and Trending posts. You can use these features to message your colleagues, host a virtual brainstorm, or follow a presentation
  • It’s great for mobile. Whereas email can appear quite clunky on mobile platforms, Workplace is based on Facebook’s interface and so is really accessible
  • There are built-in bots which can help you with everyday tasks, such as sending an attachment, or ticking off a task, marking it as complete
  • You can search all company documents from a PC or mobile in an easily navigable format

It remains to be seen whether Facebook’s business version will challenge email and the likes of Slack. What do you think? Is your workplace adopting it? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet to @JustAskGemalto.

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