What is Facebook Watch?

As you’ll know from our recent post on Facebook Spaces, the social media giant is constantly innovating. Now it’s added a new feature, which establishes it as a rival to the video-sharing giant, YouTube.

The media industry is changing rapidly. Just 15 years ago the TV was dominant, but now it’s fading into obscurity as on-demand platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime increase in popularity with flagship shows like Game of Thrones and House of Cards. Unsurprisingly, Facebook wants to tap into this trend.

Soon Facebook users will be able to watch content through a new “Watch” tab. This will offer a range of shows, some of which will be backed by Facebook, which could perhaps lead to the tech giant challenging the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What’s more, users will be able to see comments and likes on a feed while viewing a show.

The move is a significant step for Facebook. Previously the only videos available on the platform came from news organizations and other users creating their own clips. Now, with Facebook Watch it’s aiming to become a fully-fledged media channel.

What do you make of Facebook’s latest venture? Would you want to watch one of your favorite shows on the platform, or do you think you’ll stick to Netflix or the traditional television set? Let us know by tweeting to us at @JustAskGemalto.