What is cyber bullying and who are the bullies?

Cyber bullies embarrass, frighten and/or harm their victims.  They are empowered by the anonymity of the Internet as they do not have to confront their victim face-to-face.  Cyber lawyer and bullying expert Parry Aftab describes four types of bullies:
• The “Vengeful Angel” cyber bully often gets involved trying to protect a friend who is being bullied or cyber bullied
• The “Power-Hungry” and “Revenge of the Nerds” named so for their technical skills, these bullies want to exert their authority, show that they are powerful enough to make others do what they want and some want to control others with fear.
• “Mean Girls” cyber bully for entertainment, to build their egos. It may occur from a school library or a slumber party, or from the family room of someone’s house after school.  This kind of cyber bullying requires an audience and stops if they don’t get it.
• “Inadvertent” cyber bulling occurs while kids are experimenting in role-playing online and send or post a cyber bullying comment targeting someone without understanding how serious this could be.  They do it because they can, or for the fun of it.