What is ‘Can You Save the World’?

The social distancing rules that many of us are having to comply with due to the coronavirus pandemic have inspired a new video game for children. Called, Can You Save The World, this is the first Covid online game that aspires to educate children of the importance of social distancing during these difficult times.

How was the game developed?

Explaining to small children why they need to keep a safe distance from others could be challenging. At the same time, conveying a serious message with a sense of levity and making it fun at the same time is also not easy. But the Can You Save The World game aims to do just that, while making the point that social distancing does make a difference.

The game was created by psychologist professor Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, and French game developer Martin Jacob.

Prof Wiseman came up with the concept while he was out for a walk during lockdown. He said that the walk felt like a computer game, as he was having to avoid joggers and cyclists.

The game, which was created in only two weeks, was played about 10,000 times during the first two days of its release.

How can I play?

The game is set on a tiled street in a colourful town, where the player must avoid close contact with others and maintain a safe distance, while collecting personal protective equipment such as face masks, as well as toilet paper and healthy food in order to gain more lives.

The score increases rapidly to show that by dodging one person the player is not infecting other people with the virus.

Where can I play?

Can You Save The World is currently only available on computer browsers, meaning that you’re able to play on your PC or laptop from this link: https://martin-jacob.itch.io/can-you-save-the-world

The developers are currently working on a mobile version, which they hope to be available soon!

By catering to pro-social gaming, Can You Save The World can change people’s behavior in the real world. And although the game is primarily aimed at children, it can be enjoyed by adults too!

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