What is a Smart TV and how can I secure them?

Published: 13 June, 2022

Smart TVs are an essential part of any smart home, but what are they, what are the benefits of them, and how do you secure them?

What is a smart TV?

A smart TV is a traditional TV that connects to the internet. Through a smart TV you can stream content such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, listen to music through apps like Spotify or Deezer, browse the internet and play online games. Think of it as a cross between a traditional TV, computer and digital media player.

What are the risks of a smart TV?

Like any connected device that hooks up to your Wi-Fi, it can serve as a gateway for hackers if not secured properly. So, what steps can you take to secure your smart TV?

How to secure your smart TV

  • Don’t share too much personal information: While creating a user account for your Smart TV, make sure that you don’t share too much personal information while setting up a new account. An avoid inputting any bank details when installing apps directly onto the TV.
  • Don’t ignore software updates: Reminders to update the software on your smart TV can be annoying – but they are very important. Keep checking for any latest available software updates and install them right away to make your device more secure. The new updates mostly performance improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements.
  • Change your router password: The router is the gateway to any device within your home, if a hacker gets access to the router they can access any device connected to that network. It’s vital to change any default password associated with your router. Find out how to do this here.
  • Check camera and microphone permissions: Settings will vary, but most smart TVs will come equipped with a camera and a microphone. While useful for some specific activities, you don’t need them on constantly, you can disable these permissions in the settings.

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