What happens if I delete Messenger?


Since its early days, Facebook had an internal ‘messenger’ function which allowed you to direct message your friends, slowly adding groups, voice calls and then video calls. In 2011, Facebook launched Messenger, a solo app solely to be used for messaging and calls, similar to Meta’s other popular app WhatsApp. Now, those with Facebook accounts can message their friends in a variety of ways: On the Facebook.com website, Messenger.com (web-based Messenger), or the Messenger app.

With increasing numbers of people moving away from Facebook, it’s becoming common to deactivate your Facebook account but keep Messenger active, allowing you to stay connected to friends and keep your Facebook data, but without the need to have a Facebook profile.

Want to know how to delete Facebook, Messenger, or both? Read our instructions below. One thing to be careful of is that if both your accounts are deactivated for 90 days, Facebook can begin to remove your inactive account entirely.


How do I delete Facebook?

Deleting or deactivating Facebook is simple. Go to Settings > Your Facebook Information (in the left column) > Deactivation and Deletion

Deactivating Facebook in this way will not remove the Messenger app, so you’ll retain your contacts and messages there, but will simply no longer have a Facebook profile or access to Facebook’s other tabs such as Marketplace, Dating, or your news feed.

Deleting on the other hand will remove your Messenger account and delete all the messages and data as they are tied together.


How do I delete Messenger?

It’s possible to delete the Messenger app simply by uninstalling it. This will stop you from receiving any notifications or calls. However you will still have access to Messenger using either Messenger.com or Facebook.com, and people will be able to message you even if the app is deleted, and will not be aware that you no longer have the app.

To delete Messenger entirely you must delete your Facebook account as they are tied together. Simply follow the step above and your Messenger profile will be deleted with your Facebook profile. Deleting Facebook should be treated as a final option as it will remove all of your data and history.


How do I remove notifications?

On both Android and iOS: Settings>Notifications>Messenger – here you will be able to select which notifications you want to receive or you can remove them all if you prefer.


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