What did Apple announce at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2019?

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) took place in San Jose at the beginning of June 2019, where the company showed all of its latest product developments. We’ve taken a look at the highlights to see what are the developments in store for Apple users.

iOS 13

The update to iOS 13 has been a highly anticipated feature for Apple fans and will launch officially in September 2019. This is also when we’re expecting to see the launch of a set of new smartphones from Apple. The latest iOS will mean that app installs will now be 50% smaller and will launch twice as fast when downloading. The update also comes with a new keyboard upgrade named QuickPath that makes typing even easier with the option to swipe through the letters of a word. This feature is already available on the Mac platform but for the first time it will be added to mobile devices.

In addition, Apple previewed what the new Dark mode setting will look like on its iPhones. Dark mode is a feature that embraces a darker color scheme with a black background on the iPhone. Apple’s support page for installing dark mode claims the setting makes it easier to stay focused on your work because your content stands out while darkened controls and windows recede into the background. Experts also claim that Dark mode reduces strain on the eyes as exposure to blinding white screens could lead to tired eyes and even headaches. What’s more the new mode is also thought to save battery power on your devices, so it may not be surprising that it’s become increasingly popular. Dark mode on the iPhone can be set to turn on automatically at a certain point in the day and is a nice feature to use if you’re trying to use your phone discreetly in an area that’s already dark.

Find my Friends and Find my iPhone

These two apps are life savers for many during the panic of misplacing your phone, or even a group of friends, allowing you to track exactly where the device was last active. At WWDC Apple announced it was combining the two apps into one called Find My. However, with the latest update Apple also lets you find another Apple device, even when it’s offline, using a Bluetooth mesh network made up of all other iOS devices. Mac devices will also be getting a new feature called Activation Lock that will let you send a signal to prevent a lost or stolen MacBook from starting up.


AirPods now have the ability to read incoming iMessages to you through Siri. Additionally, Audio sharing, an entirely new feature, lets you take the audio from whatever you’re listening to and send it to multiple sets of AirPods or other wireless headphones – useful if your phone runs out of battery and you can listen to your favorite artists on a friend or family members’ device. You can now also hold an iPhone next to a HomePod to transfer and stream audio from your phone to the speaker, as well as vice versa.

Increased security features

With security at the forefront of many of our minds, the latest Apple updates also offer a new privacy feature called Sign in with Apple. Instead of logging into your accounts and apps with your email address and password you can login using your Apple credentials, including with biometrics such as Face ID. This way Apple protects you from third-party apps that want to track you. In an innovative move Apple has also created a feature where you can ask Apple to create a random email for the app or service that forwards to your actual email address, therefore masking your real identity without making you use a junk account.

Other notable features in store include a new voice for Siri, a low data mode, and the ability to send spam calls straight to voice mail. While Apple highlighted some key features, keep in mind that the company often reserves some surprises for the iPhone reveal each September. There may be more features still to come.

So, there you have it, the biggest announcements at WWDC from Apple in 2019. Do any of these new features excite you? Let us know in the comments below.