What are YouTube Shorts and how can I post one?


TikTok has inspired a truly seismic shift in the way social media videos are being created and shared. For years, videos have been getting longer and more drawn out, with the ambition of adding as many advert breaks as possible, serving the algorithms of YouTube. Now, TikTok’s trend towards short, snappy, and highly engaging content which can be quickly scrolled through, has attracted a huge growth in the platform and has got every other social media platform desperately playing catch up.

In aim of getting involved in some of the astronomical growth figures that the Chinese based platform has seen in the last few years, Meta and Google have quickly followed suit by launching Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

You can read this blog to learn more about Meta’s Instagram Reels, or read below to find out about YouTube Shorts.

What are YouTube Shorts?

Shorts are short videos much like TikToks or Instagram Reels. They are designed to be viewed on a smart phone via YouTube’s app rather than on a desktop and thus are in a portrait format. Users can swipe down on a video to be see the next in a series of almost endless videos, where the next Short is selected and fed to you by the YouTube shorts algorithm, making it easy to watch far more videos that you intended. This ease of viewing, combined with the addictive quality of algorithmic selected videos is what has made TikTok so popular, and is what YouTube is trying to mirror.

How many people use Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are quickly growing in popularity, with 2.3 billion subscribers regularly visiting YouTube every month, and consequently YouTube Shorts receiving roughly 15 billion daily views. This means it’s a better time than ever to start producing your own Shorts.

How do you make Shorts?

To create a YouTube Short, open your YouTube app on your phone, click the create button, and select the Short option. You’ll then be presented with a series of filming and editing tools that will allow you to do everything from film separate clips, create transitions, add sounds and music, and many more. You can then create your Short within the app and publish it directly to YouTube. Alternatively create you Short in a third-party platform such as Canva and upload it as a complete video (max 60 seconds) to YouTube Studio, where you’ll have the option to publish it as a Short.

Why should you make Shorts?

YouTube has created a pot of more than $100 million to encourage content creators to make Shorts – so if you’re a creator, there is potentially lucrative funding available. Shorts are also an effective way to grow your subscribers for your regular YouTube videos, as YouTube is pushing them on the algorithm and directing people to view them from the app.

If you’re looking to grow your channel or showcase a new product there’s never been a better time to get into short form video. With so many options and platforms for you to try, it’s the perfect time to experiment, so why not add YouTube Shorts into your mix.

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