What are metal credit cards?

In an unlikely twist, credit cards have become fashion pieces over the last couple of years. No longer just a vehicle for payments, credit and debit cards are becoming increasingly trendy and are now bringing more than a little flair to the process of paying bills.

This shift towards customizable payment cards began when the traditional plastic design was changed to allow consumers to personalize the colors and have a photo as background on the card. Then, challenger banks and Fintechs introduced unique designs and colors that grabbed public attention. Now, metal cards are the latest trend to sweep the world.

Born in the US, metal cards are customizable, and are available in brass, copper, brushed stainless steel and even gold or platinum. The cards can also be a mixture of metal and plastic, to ensure they are both easy-to-use and flexible – there have even been examples of diamond-encrusted cards.

Today, the metal card is a status symbol used in countries all over the world. In the UK for example, payments card firm Curve has seized the opportunity and has rolled out a metal card combined with exclusive services that have been carefully tailored to meet the needs of the ‘experience generation’.

What separates metal credit cards from plastic ones?

Ultimately there’s not much difference between metal credit cards and regular plastic ones—aside from the style points, the added weight and strength, and the buzz you might get from using a metal rather than plastic card to pay for goods. With a metal credit card, you still swipe or insert your chip in the same way to earn your preferred cashback rewards, however, if the card is fully metal or a metal veneer (it will not have PVC on the reverse side) it cannot be used for contactless payments.

However, there is one major housekeeping point that sets these two kinds of card apart: metal credit cards cannot be shredded in the same fashion as plastic cards.  As a rule, it’s best not to attempt to destroy the card. Rather, consumers can simply call and request a pre-paid return envelope in which to send it back to their issuer, where it will be disposed of securely.

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