What and when is National Selfie Day?

From Snapchat and Instagram, to walking down the street or visiting your favourite park, it’s almost impossible to avoid the ‘Selfie’. Now officially recognised as a word in the Oxford English dictionary, the Selfie is very much a twenty-first century phenomenon. In case you’ve been able to avoid this trend – and if so, well done – Selfies are the act of taking a photo of yourself with your phone or camera. Where they differ to the traditional picture is that a Selfie is taken with the lens pointed towards you. This way, you’re able to capture the surroundings or people behind you and have yourself included. For this reason, they’re particularly popular with tourists or groups of friends.

The Selfie trend has really taken off. So much so, that there is now a dedicated day each year to it. National Selfie Day takes place on June 21st and the day started after a social media campaign gained momentum in 2014 to mark one day a year to the celebration of taking and sharing photos with families and friends. If you’ve never taken one before or if you are looking for an excuse to share some snaps on social media, National Selfie Day is a great time to do it.

Here’re some suggestions on how you could participate:

Take a Selfie!

This way of celebrating National Selfie Day should go without saying, but if you’ve never taken a selfie before, take one today. If you’re embarrassed or worried about your privacy, you don’t have to share it with anyone on social media. Just keep it on your phone!

Invest in a Selfie stick!

If you’re after a National Selfie Day gift, then a Selfie stick could be what you’re looking for. It allows you to take photos by placing your camera or smartphone at the end of a plastic stick. You can then control the camera through buttons at the end of the stick that’s in your hand. This stick gives you a bit more arm length, so you can fit more people or objects into your photo.

Become a Selfie master!

If you’re already taking multiple Selfies every day, use National Selfie Day to find a way to take different photos. Read a book on photography to figure out how to make your composition better. Learn more about how lighting works in photography to have better results. Or just study other people’s selfies and experiment with different poses and filters. You could safely share the results with friends or family.

National Selfie Day is a chance to have some fun and take photos to share with family and friends. Just make sure to not overshare and risk impacting your privacy.

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