Tips for improving your Wi-Fi signal

You might be paying for super-fast broadband, but if your wireless router set-up is wrong, you could experience slow-speeds and disconnections. Here are some top tips to improve your Wi-Fi reception.

1. Change your Wi-Fi channel

Your wireless router beams out signal at a certain frequency, much like a radio mast. If a neighbor is broadcasting on the same channel, you might experience interference. You can download a Wi-Fi analyzer app that shows you which channels are being used near you. Then you can change your router’s channel to one that no one else is using. You need to log into your router to do this, but it shouldn’t be too complicated.

2. Update your router firmware

Routers, like your smartphone, often receive software updates. You can log into your router and check the firmware version. Then if you search the website of your router’s manufacturer, you’ll be able to see if an update is available. Updates can be done via the router itself, and shouldn’t take too long at all.Change your router’s position

 3. Change your router’s position

A router should be as central as possible to where you need it most, and away from other electronics like TVs and consoles. You’ll also likely lose signal strength if appliances are in the way too, so positioning is crucial.

 4. Buy a Wi-Fi repeater

These handy little boxes plug into a normal socket and wirelessly connect to your router. Once paired, they boost the signal significantly which is very handy for larger homes. You can also set-up a spare router to act as an Access Point, though this is a little more complicated.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and if you have any others, do get in touch.