Three top trends of CES 2022

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place a couple of weeks ago. Usually the biggest tech event of the year, here tech brands from all around the world come together to unveil the latest innovations set to hit the market.

While the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the show was virtual again this year, the event showcased lots of exciting technology to look forward to in 2022 and beyond. From electric vehicles to VR wearables, we take a look at the top trends of this year’s event.

The next generation of electric vehicles

With the number of electric vehicles on the rise, it’s no surprise that they played a big role at this year’s trade show. Mercedes unveiled their new Vision EQXX electric car, which can travel more than 1000km on a single battery charge and has a 95% energy efficiency rate. The car also has large display screens and an AI-generated voice assistant that is able to recommend energy efficient driving modes.

BMW also unveiled the world’s first colour changing car, the iX Flow. This uses electronic ink technology to change the colour of the car’s exterior in hot and cold climates. The car also has an 8K ultra-wide ‘theatre screen’, which unfolds from the car’s headliner accompanied by a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

VR wearables of the future

With the metaverse becoming a big talking point in 2021, another big talking point at CES this year was virtual reality (VR). TCL demoed its NXTWear AIR Wearable Display Glasses, which have a 140-inch virtual screen and allow users to watch displays from a distance of up to four metres.  These plug into your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and allow you to watch a video streamed from your device. They also have built-in speakers, allowing users to connect the headphones to a video source.

Sony also revealed its upcoming PlayStation 5 compatible VR headset, expected to launch later this year. This has a display resolution of 2000×4040 per eye and a 110 degree field of view. It also contains new features like eye-tracking, in-headset vibration and 3D audio, creating a deeper feeling of immersion.

Robots take a new form

Robots also played a big role at this year’s event. One of the most talked-about designs was the Ameca humanoid robot. Made by Engineered Arts, this is a lifelike robot able to blink and make facial expressions. It also has microphones in each ear, and is able to trace the direction of sound and answer questions.

Robots also took a different form this year with the Sea & Spray from John Deere, which won the CES innovation award in the robotics category. This is a tractor-like robot that uses computer vision and machine learning to detect between plants and weeds, and is able to spray herbicide on weeds between crops.

While these are some of the exciting trends from CES 2022, they are only a small selection of what the show had to offer. You can see the full list of the innovations announced at this year’s event by clicking here.

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