The NINE things you may have missed from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Published: 17 June, 2022

Every June, Apple showcase’s its newest software and technologies at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Themed, this year, as “Call to code”, Apple announced brand new iPhone and MacBook software updates, new processing chips for MacBook and new iCloud updates.

There were lots to take in, so you may have missed some of the new technologies that have been developed by Apple for easier use and better-quality products, but we’ve got you covered!

What has been announced?

Unsend your messages: Ever sent a message that you wish you could recall? As part of iOS 16 updates, iMessage users will be able to unsend these messages. This update also allows users to edit messages already sent, or mark read messages as ‘unread’.

Buy Now Pay Later: Coming this Autumn, Apple is adding a new offering to its Pay functionality, which will see it take on the buy now pay later companies such as Klarna. Apple Pay Later, will let you pay off your purchases in four separate payment or instalments, without receiving additional interest. This should work anywhere that Apple Pay currently works.

New lock screen: Would you like to access new notifications and apps without locking your phone? Apple’s users can now customise their lock screen and add widgets to the lock screen itself such as weather or calendar (or even third party apps). Notifications will now also appear at the bottom of the screen so the widgets don’t get covered.

Live text and visual look up: A new feature on the new update is that the camera can translate a foreign language for you. Use your camera to live translate menus or road signs immediately see the text in their chosen language. Another more interesting update in the live text software is the ability to live convert currency rates. See the price of what you are buying in your home currency and see how much items cost in other countries, when you’re at home.

All new CarPlay: Next year CarPlay will be able to be seen on all the screens in your car, including dashboard displays, not just the centre console as it is now. Other updates coming soon is multi-stop maps, so you don’t have to reprogramme each time, if you’re going to multiple destinations. Another big update on CarPlay is Apple Podcasts, so people can download episodes and catch up with the latest episodes as soon as they come out.

Apple TV: New TVOS updates mean that you can link your iPhone to Apple TV. So, if you get a clip and connect your phone to the television, you can facetime from the TV. Because of the ability to link your camera to your TV, fitness and gaming can be improved. See the game you are playing on a massive screen or see yourself workout alongside the video you are watching.

Passkeys:  Do you struggle trying to remember all your passwords for different sites? In this new iOS 16 and the macOS Ventura updates, the option to have a passkey will be available, all the user needs to do is use their biometric ID. Synced across all your Apple devices, this will mean that passwords will be more secure and that you will only need to use your thumbprint or face ID to use the password.

Apple Watches: The syncing of iPhone’s and Apple Watches mean that Apple Watches receive the notifications whenever your iPhone does. Like the IOS 16 iPhone update, Apple Watches are getting notification updates differently. Currently, when someone receives a notification on an Apple Watch, the notification takes up the entire screen, however, Apple are now introducing banner notifications, so the person can still view the rest of the screen when the notification comes through.

Safety Check Display: New security features have also been announced. The safety check display will allow the user to see exactly who and what they have shared with people. As safety and security is so important in this day and age – there is an emergency reset button. This means that a person can immediately reset permissions for everyone that they had shared apps and access with, this includes location sharing and messages that may be going to multiple devices.

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