Tech Christmas Gift Guide 2021 for the Hard-to-Buy-for

It’s that time of the year again where we experience the universal problem of the ‘hard-to-buy-for’ friend or family member. Running out of ideas is something that happens to us all, and without any guidance it can be tricky to sniff out the perfect Christmas present. Luckily, we’ve grouped together our favourite new tech in a handy Christmas gift guide to help you out!

For the smart home enthusiast – An Automatic Curtain Opener

If your house is slowly becoming populated with smart plugs and smart light bulbs, or you know somebody whose house is, take it one step further with an automated curtain opener!

Being woken up by natural light is a desire almost everyone, but not many people have the pleasure of enjoying – until now. With the SwitchBot Curtain Motor you can connect your curtain opener to your smart home device such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or to your smartphone, and program them to open or close under certain circumstances (e.g. time of day, day of week, etc.). With software like Apple’s HomeKit, IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa, you can connect multiple devices and have them work together.

If you know someone desperate to fill their house with gadgets, another smart device to add to their collection will always be a successful present!

For the future Olympic runner – A Next-Generation Fitness Tracker

No group of friends or family is complete without a health nut, and the highly anticipated Fitbit Charge 5 is the perfect gift for the avid runner or athlete in your life.

They can set personal goals and see real-time statistics on their workouts, meaning they’ll be able to see everything in one place. However, be prepared for them to overload you with impressive statistics!

Fitbit’s most advanced fitness and health tracker yet, the Charge 5 not only tracks workouts – but has a big focus on heart health. With an ECG application and notifications when one’s heart rate goes above or below their threshold, being mindful of heart health is easy and accessible.

For the metaverse explorers – A VR Headset

The metaverse is steadily approaching, but what to get the hardcore gamers in your life before it’s here? The answer: a VR headset. Virtual reality games have been around for a while now, and they’re only increasing in quality as the technology gets more advanced. Players can go from fulfilling a lifelong dream of seeing the world through Batman’s eyes to playing classic board game ‘Settlers of Catan’ as if they are in it! It’s not just games either, users can engage in fitness sessions, live events and hundreds of other experiences.

The Oculus Quest 2 is Meta’s (formerly known as Facebook) most recent answer to VR headsets and will most likely be what they will be testing the metaverse on. It has a high-resolution display and two touch controllers to interact with the virtual world. The Quest 2 is a futuristic gamer’s dream!

For the Grammy winner to be – A Digital Compact Keyboard

Digital music producing is an endless platform for creativity which we’ve seen firmly wedge its way into almost all music genres. If you’ve got a music creative in your life who’s also into tech – they’re sure to want to play around with this new piece of kit.

There’s only so many fingers one can use to play chords on a guitar, but the possibilities of what can be created on a digital platform is limitless. The MiniLab Mk II from Arturia is a compact keyboard that plugs into a computer via USB to be integrated into your chosen music making software. The 8 pads can be configured and used for beat making, project control and a variety of other options. The dials and pitch bend strips allow for control over anything the musician desires.

Get this for the music maker in your life and you might get a song or two written for you!

For the green thumb in training– Gift them a Smart Indoor Garden

One of the most popular hobbies we got into over the pandemic was gardening, including those of us without gardens. However, not all of our plants made it through – and there are definitely some who prevailed over others. If you know someone who likes gardening but might need a bit of help, this is the gift for them.

The Click & Grow 3 is a smart plant pot that knows the needs of your plants and helps them out accordingly! To start, grab some of their biodegradable plant pods filled with seeds and nutrients and add water. The Click & Grow will automatically water your plants and provide them with the optimal amount of light with their ‘pro-grow’ lights.

An excellent gift for gardeners, cooks and those who are always in a rush – the Click & Grow 3 is a great way to get invited round to try some homegrown food.

For the fashion forward – Smart Sunglasses

Wearable tech has been around for a while, but it hasn’t been the most stylish – more sci fi than high fashion. However, as technology continues to evolve, it’s becoming a lot more wearable and makes a great gift for a fashion forward tech lover.

Sunglasses are a popular choice for wearable tech, and the Ray-Ban Stories are a stylish pair that incorporate dual cameras, speakers and a microphone into a classic Ray-Ban frame. Developed in collaboration with Facebook, the sunglasses come with a companion app where the pictures and videos taken from the glasses’ cameras can be viewed and downloaded. You can take calls, listen to music, take photos and look undeniably cool throughout.

The Ray-Ban Stories come in three different frames and a variety of colours, so you can pick a style that befits the lucky receiver of this fashionable gift!

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