Samsung Gear Sport – everything you need to know

Every year at Europe’s largest technology show, IFA, companies from across the world unveil their latest technology. This year, Samsung announced its newest addition to their wearable technology collection. The Samsung Gear Sport, an upgrade on the Gear S3 smartwatch, showcases a number of new and improved features.

Sport features

The new smartwatch is Samsung’s acknowledgement that consumers purchase smartwatches and wearable tech to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The watch comes equipped with a new calorie counter, where users can keep a daily track of their intake and compare this with weekly goals. The Gear Sport will also offer helpful tips and tricks to help users stay on track with their targets.

Samsung has also developed features to aid swimmers, pre-loading the watch with a branded Speedo app. The device is 50m water resistant and can also accurately track your stroke type—whether you’re doing front crawl, butterfly, or backstroke—and your lap time.

Runners will enjoy the heart rate monitor, pedometer and GPS features. Plus there is 4GB of storage for your Spotify collection.

Lastly, the watch will even prompt users to carry out certain exercises dependent on where they are. For instance, if on a plane, it will advise users of stretches they can do to keep active. However, the smart technology can also recognize when a user is driving in a car, and will not distract the driver from the road.

The Design

The Gear Sport is available in two colors, black and blue and comes with reinforced Gorilla Glass, interchangeable straps and a lightweight frame. The biggest distinguishing feature from this smartwatch however, is the rotating bezel. This new design aimed at improving user experience, minimizes the time users will spend touching the face of the watch. Through the bezel, users can change settings or reply to texts, check the battery level and adjusting the volume. The streamlined process is designed with user experience in mind.

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