RSA Conference: What it is and what did we learn this year?

What is RSA Conference:

Published: 29 June, 2022

The RSA Conference is a series of IT security conferences held across the globe and throughout the year.

Around 45,000 cybersecurity professionals attend one of these conferences each year. The conferences are held in Asia, United States, UAE and Europe.

RSA conferences take place in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates each year. The conference also hosts educational, professional networking, and awards programs designed to help cybersecurity professionals and organisations stay up to date with the latest ways to fight cybercrime.

However, this doesn’t mean the content and learnings are only for cybersecurity professionals. Anyone who uses a computer, tablet, smartphone or any kind of connected technology needs to be aware of changes in cybersecurity so that they can stay ahead and protect themselves.


Three takeaways from the latest conference:

There was no shortage of news coming out of the conference


Cybercriminals are organised: One talking point at the conference highlighted how much more organised cybercriminals are than everyone else. National Cyber Director, Chris Inglis said that every individual, company and government agency needs to participate in the cyber defence.


Hackers are attacking human nature: Speaking in an interview at the conference, Charles Henderson, head of IBM Security’s X-Force unit, said: “The attacker has evolved beyond just targeting a system and now they’re targeting a human response in their victims based on leverage.


Cybercrime is big business: By 2025, the cybercrime industry is projected to reach $10.5 trillion, according to Forcepoint CEO Manny Rivelo. Speaking to the conference he said: “If you compare this to a gross domestic product, it would be the third-largest economy in the world behind the U.S. and China.”


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