What is Mobile World Congress?

Mobile World Congress or MWC is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, often featuring the latest technologies and innovations from major manufacturers and providers. An annual event, MWC is organized by the GSMA and is held in Barcelona. Its primary purpose is to allow manufacturers and gadget enthusiasts to showcase and demonstrate their latest offerings. It is also a chance for company executives, journalists and analysts to network and try out the new products.

Historically, MWC has always taken place in early spring, usually in late February or early March. It’s been running since 1987, where it was held in France until 2006, when it moved to Barcelona. MWC was initially called the GSM World Congress, but had its name changed to keep pace and relevance with the changing technology in the mobile industry. The GSM are an association of mobile operators and manufacturers, who collaborate to standardize the mobile industry.

MWC is open to the public, however tickets are often costly and competitive. This is because MWC is a chance to hear from the major players within the industry, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Samsung as they discuss their latest products, industry developments and address the future trends in mobile. In the past, some of these announcements have included Nokia’s revival of their 3310 handset range; Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone range; Sony’s Xperia XZ and Porsche’s bespoke two-in-one laptop.

If you’re interested in the latest gadgets and like to keep up with how the mobile industry is developing, we recommend following the announcements at MWC or  even attending. Thales is a regular attendee of the event and this year we’ll be discussing and showcasing the latest IoT, 5G, machine learning, digital ID and biometrics trends.

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