How might tech influence the Tokyo Games in 2020?

Technology is changing the way we enjoy and play sport. Any viewer of the Rio Games in 2016 will have noticed its influence, whether helping judges, making events safer or enhancing the spectators’ enjoyment of the event.

We’re already excited for the next Olympic Games, which will be held in Tokyo in 2020. Japan is a leading innovator, as we recently discussed on our blog, so we’re expecting the 2020 competition to involve more gadgets than ever before.

Here are some ways we think tech could influence the Tokyo Games.


In Rio, a select group of athletes were treated to an NFC-enabled payment ring, created by Visa and Gemalto. It allowed them to buy food, drinks and merchandise with the tap of a finger. We’re expecting the rings to become widely available in time for Tokyo in 2020. Spectators won’t need their payment cards – they’ll just need a handy ring to buy things!

Brain training

In Rio, Halo trialed a revolutionary device with several athletes – a brain stimulator! It’s able to strengthen athletes psychologically by stimulating the motor cortex during training, which enhances ‘neuromuscular performance’. In 2020, we think the gadget might have developed fully into an AI-powered motivator, just as good as any top coach.

More powerful wearables

We’re expecting wearables to be even more powerful in 2020, helping athletes prepare for the Games and better their chances of a medal. Smart glasses will be commonplace, providing athletes with real-time performance data in their field of vision.

These are just some of the ways we think tech could influence the Tokyo Games. How do you think gadgets might change the Olympics? Let us know in the comment section below.