How to measure your Internet speed

Nowadays, everyone knows your Internet connection is important. Whether you’re streaming music on a service like Spotify, using a smart home device to make managing your household quick and easy, or trying out a personal assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home, the speed of your Internet is vital.

There’s nothing more annoying than your enjoyment of music, a Netflix film or a smart home device being spoiled by a slow Internet connection, especially if you’re paying a lot for Broadband which promises a fast speed.

Fortunately, if you sense your connection isn’t up to scratch, it’s easy to measure your network speed.

There are plenty of internet speed checkers online, such as Using them is really simple:

  • Visit the site using your usual browser, or download the site’s app on the appropriate store for your mobile device
  • Tap ‘begin’ and will choose the best performing server to measure your speed
  • See your connection – and check it against the speeds your broadband provider promised in your plan

There are plenty of other Internet speed checkers, which work in a very similar way. If you’re disappointed by your Internet speed, it’s worth checking one of them out.

Have you checked your Internet speed recently? Did you use a speed checker – and how useful was it? Let us know by posting a comment below. Make sure you read our post on checking your WiFi signal as well.