How does a karma attack work? Former ethical hacker Jason Hart explains

A karma attack in cyber security terms is when a hacker tricks you into joining a Wi-Fi network under his or her control. You think it’s a genuine network, such as Starbucks Wi-Fi, but really, the network is fake, and you’re connected directly to the hacker.

The hacker then connects to the Internet so you can still browse it feels as if everything is normal. The problem is that the hacker can see everything you type, as well as everything you do on your PC or mobile.

The hacker is looking for your usernames and passwords. He is able to conduct this attack because he or she has special piece of hardware. This is why it is essential that you only ever connect to networks that you trust. All networks should have a password, meaning all your connections are encrypted. You should never connect to a public Wi-Fi with no security, as you can’t be sure someone won’t be spying on you. We’ve covered this topic before here.

In this video Jason Hart, a former ethical hacker who now works for Gemalto, shows you how a hacker initiates a karma attack with the aim of stealing your personal details.

How does a karma work with Jason Hart


It’s important that you are careful when using Wi-Fi. Cyber security attacks are very common, and to highlight this, we have created a comic book about a social network that suffers a massive attack. Jason Hart advised all the devious ways that hackers attack. Visit the website here to read it for free!

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