Is it safe to leave my phone on charge overnight?

With a variety of contradictory information in the public domain about the possible fire risks associated with charging your smartphone while unattended – such as when you sleep – it can be tricky to establish whether there is a safety risk associated with doing so.

This post will help give you a better understand of whether it is safe or if you need to take necessary precautions.

Is it a health risk?

While it would be naïve to speak definitively, if you leave your phone resting on your bedside table and charging overnight, it’s highly unlikely that this will present a safety or health risk.

This risk increases however, if the phone and charger is taken into bed with you. Many of us like to charge our phones and browse the internet or text at the same time but this can lead to safety issues. Your phone charger and battery can easily overheat when covered by a duvet or blanket which could possibly lead to burns and maybe even start a fire. In fact, the majority of cases in the news in which a charger has caught fire is because it was left in an environment where it was allowed to overheat and was surrounded by flammable and insulating material.  

Our advice? It’s better to be safe-than-sorry and keep your charger out of your bed at night.  

What about my battery life – does overnight charging affect it?

The idea that overcharging your phone depletes your battery life should not apply to most modern smartphones. Devices today are smart enough to know to stop taking a charge once full, instead topping up as needed to stay at 100 percent.

Problems with battery life occur when the battery overheats, which can cause damage. To avoid this, it’s best to remove any case on your phone when charging overnight. It’s also best to leave the phone on a flat, hard surface so the heat can dissipate easily.

It’s worth noting that the latest smartphones today do not need to charge overnight. They will reach full charge from zero within a couple of hours and so you could be wasting energy by leaving them plugged in for eight hours. You should consider buying portable or wireless chargers to save electricity and only charge the phone when needed.

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