Touchless Travel: Airport Biometrics

Airports are by nature crowded places built around the concept of people queuing and being in close contact with one another in order to operate. However, this model had to drastically change in the past 18 months as a result of the pandemic, as airports had to include a set of limitations such as social distancing and minimum contact points, in order to allow passengers to travel.

Recent technological improvements have helped airports to operate smoothly and efficiently during the pandemic. From utilising thermal cameras that check passengers’ temperature and if they’re wearing face coverings, to leveraging machine learning and AI algorithms to regulate the flow of passengers and ensure they’re maintaining social distance – technology has been essential in providing a safe and convenient experience for both passengers and staff.

Implementing biometric technologies like facial recognition has enabled an end-to-end touchless airport experience for passengers, allowing them to get where they want to go, faster, more efficiently and securely.

Check out our infographic below which takes you through the contactless airport or download it as a pdf here to see what the biometric pathway looks like.