How do I find out my Uber rating?

Uber is a taxi company operated entirely through an app.

Using their smartphone, customers can use maps to arrange a pick-up location. Once a taxi has been requested they are able to see who their driver is, their rating (awarded by users at the end of their journey) and registration plate. This not only makes pick up quicker, but it’s also much safer.

When a journey has finished customers are asked to rate their driver on a scale of one to five. The score will be added to the driver’s overall rating.

However, the driver is also asked to rate their passenger. Other Uber employees can see the passenger’s rating, which may influence their decision as to whether they pick them up.

How do I find out my rating?

When logging into the app, users will be presented a map displaying the drivers in the local area. Tap on the icon in the upper left-hand corner and you will see a menu. At the top you’ll see your name, with your star rating beneath.

If you want to understand more about how rating works, you can click on the star rating. You’ll discover how you can improve your rating and why Uber provides the information to drivers.

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