How to use tech to make the most of Christmas

We’re living in a more connected world than ever, and that presents new opportunities for making Christmas a lot more fun. Whether it’s using new communication tools, embracing the IoT in the Christmas tree-adorned living room, or purchasing intelligent Smart Toys for the kids, there are all sorts of ways you can maximise your festive experience through the power of technology. We figured it was time to run through the best ways to make the most out of Christmas by using the latest technology.


Communicate with loved ones


If you’ve got relatives living far away and they couldn’t make it over for Christmas, then all is not lost. Using technologies like Skype or FaceTime will allow you to speak to your loved ones via video. They can even watch the kids open their presents!


Do your shopping online


If you’re struggling to find time in your busy schedule to go out and do your Christmas shopping, then make a purchase online instead. It’s never been easier. Most retailers have an online shopping store, where you can click on an item and follow the on-screen instructions to make the purchase. Just enter your card details, and you’re there! You can complete transactions using your mobile, table or PC.


Use Smart Home technology


Ever wanted to control your Christmas tree lights, gadgets and alarm clock from one place? Now you can. Smart Home technology such as Samsung’s Smart Things taps into the IoT to allow you to control your home’s electronic devices from an app on your phone.


Buy Smart Toys for the kids


Thanks to the IoT, there are a range of toys available which are linked to the Internet and are able to interact with kids, act out compelling stories and even adapt to their surroundings. Why not purchase an IoT-connected toy for your child this Christmas? Examples include Playmation, which works through wearable technology, and Fisher Price’s Oslo, an intelligent toy that will actively communicate with children.


Avoid arguments over entertainment


One of the worst aspects of Christmas is the inevitable arguments about what to watch, and what festive songs to listen to. Fortunately, there are solutions – and they’re called Netflix and Spotify. Netflix is an on-demand entertainment service which will allow users to watch content on different devices – televisions, tablets, laptops and computers. Spotify will give you access to millions of songs and allow you to create playlists some everyone can enjoy the magic of Christmas.


So, there we have it! Technology can make Christmas a much more enjoyable experience for all. Make sure you take advantage of all the varied opportunities available.