How to update your iPhone after the security flaw


Apple quietly published two security reports last month highlighting two new security vulnerabilities. It was brought to their attention by an ‘anonymous researcher’, who discovered these potentially devastating security flaws.

Both bugs exist within WebKit, which is Apple’s browser engine that powers Safari and multiple other applications. The company announced that the issues “may have been actively exploited”, showing that it’s not just a hypothetical problem.

The first flaw would enable a cybercriminal to gain complete control over your device, with the admin privileges allowing them to make any action you would be able to. The second flaw makes it possible for a hacker to execute a malware code on your device that would significantly compromise its security.

While these are serious issues, it’s easy to resolve both of these security flaws by installing Apple’s latest Software Update.


Which Apple devices can I update?

If your device does not update automatically it’s important to manually install the software update as soon as possible. Devices that are suitable for the download include:

  • iPhones released since 2015
  • iPads released since 2014
  • Macs running macOS Monterey


How can I update my iPhone or iPad?

You can manually find the update through opening the settings option on your iPhone or iPad and finding the update listed at the top.

Under General settings the ‘Software Update’ should be listed if it is not already installed


How can I update my Mac?

Select the Apple sign in the top left corner, and then click on ‘About This Mac’, before finding the ‘Software Update’ option as shown below.


Will the latest update make my Apple device secure?

It’s important to note that while this is temporarily resolved, it’s highly unlikely that this is the last time your device will be compromised or under threat. This means it’s a good idea to keep an eye on any news about further hacks or data breaches.

To ensure your device is as secure as possible make sure you always install the latest software update, have sufficient antivirus software, and take care when downloading files.


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