How to get started on social media

If you haven’t joined a social media site yet, chances are you’ve probably heard about one. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have revolutionised the way people engage with each other. Membership brings innumerable benefits, ranging from sharing photos and videos, staying in touch with colleagues outside of the office, seeking out a long-lost relative, or even following your favorite celebrity. Even better, it’s all for free. If you’ve resisted social media so far, it’s definitely worth signing up. So how do you join?



With over one billion accounts, Facebook is the largest social network out there. It allows you to set up your own profile, post status updates, photos and videos, add friends and family and even engage with your favorite brands and celebrities. Joining is easy. All you need is an email address, phone number and a password. Then just click ‘sign up’. After you join, Facebook’s internal system steps in, taking you through how to build an eye-catching, memorable profile.



Becoming a ‘tweeter’ enables you to share your views with your followers, engage with other users (including famous public figures) and keep up to date with what’s trending. It’s easy to join. You’ll need your full name, phone number and a password. After registering, Twitter sends you a text containing a code, which you enter on screen. All you need to do is enter a public username and you’re there!



As a photo-sharing platform, Instagram differs from Facebook and Twitter in appearance, but signing up is just as easy. All you need is your phone. Simply go into your app store, download Instagram and click on the icon to open it. Next, tap ‘sign up’ and enter your email address. Alternatively, if you’re already a Facebook user, you can speed up the process by clicking ‘log in with Facebook’, enabling you to easily share your Facebook photos and albums on Instagram.


Joining a social media site is straightforward and speedy. Simply follow our steps and you’ll be able to enjoy the multitude of benefits that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer.