How can I stop apps from tracking my location?


Location tracking has its advantages. Whether it’s delivering a pizza directly to your door, ordering an Uber from just outside the bar you are in or sharing your exact coordinates with emergency responders, it has changed a lot of services for the better.

Apps like Find My also can help loved ones keep track of your location. This has become more important with the rise of online dating and the practice of meeting friends that you only know through the internet. However, these aren’t the only reasons app developers want you to keep location tracking on. Apps can sell the data to advertisers, or third-party groups, and there is an added security risk the more of your data you share.

Through collecting your location data, apps will receive more advertising revenue as the ads will be tailored to your region or even your exact street. Although, having more targeted advertising could improve your experience as the adverts will be more relevant to you. 

With large companies suffering from data breaches, leaks and hacks, more people are looking to increase the control they have over their own information. It’s important to know that you are sharing the data or information you want to.

How do I stop apps from tracking my location on Android?

To turn off location tracking for all apps, go to settings on your phone and select ‘Location’. After this, press the button next to access my location. When this is greyed out it will mean that Apps will not be able to track your location until it is turned back on.

It can also be useful to block individual apps from tracking location. This will allow certain apps like Maps and Uber, to use location tracking. We suggest blocking any apps from location tracking that don’t need that setting enabled to work at their full capacity.




How do I stop apps from tracking my location on Apple?

To turn off location tracking for everything, go into ‘Settings’ and then search/find ‘Location Services’. If you press the button next to the ‘Location Services’ bar, it will turn from green to grey and stop the location tracking on your phone.


To just turn off location for a specific app, you can either search for the app name in ‘Settings’ or if you scroll to the bottom of ‘Settings’ it will list your downloaded apps in alphabetical order. Select the app and then ‘Location’ to open this screen. We recommend blocking any apps from location tracking that you don’t believe need that setting enabled to work to their full capacity. You can also remove the ‘Precise Location’, so they can only estimate your approximate location.

In ‘Settings’ if you search for ‘Find My iPhone’ and select that option, this screen will appear. You can choose whether to have the ‘Find My iPhone’ option on or off, depending on preference. However, below this setting is ‘Share My Location’. To deselect this press the button next to ‘Share My Location’, and when it is grey, it will stop sharing your location with friends and family in Messages and Find My.


It is impossible to completely remove location tracking

All modern mobile phones have a GPS tracker built-in, as they are perfectly designed to keep track of your current location and the history of where you have been. Turning off location settings will certainly hinder the ability for apps to track you, but your phone may still be discoverable through this inbuilt GPS tracker.

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