Your guide to Samsung Pay

The latest Samsung Galaxy the S8 is out, and it comes loaded with payment options. We’ve discussed mobile payments on JustAskGemalto before. They offer people lots of benefits, making purchases much more convenient and quick.

You might have heard about Apple Pay, which we discussed in this post, and Android Pay, which we touched on here. Samsung has also launched a rival service called Samsung Pay. So how does it work and should you use it?

How does it work?

Samsung Pay is very similar to its rivals, Apple Pay and Android Pay. It allows you to make instant payments by holding your phone near an NFC transaction reader in a store. You simply upload your debit and/or credit card information to your Samsung phone.

To use it, simply swipe up on your phone screen, which will bring up your mobile wallet. Touch the fingerprint sensor to confirm the payment and hold it near the payment point.

You don’t need to worry at all about security, as Samsung Pay uses tokenization to protect your card details. For more information about tokenization, you can read our post here.

If you want to find out more about Samsung mobiles, make sure you check out our post on the new Galaxy S8.

Have you used Samsung Pay? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comment section below.