Exciting technology unveiled at CES 2021

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a big event in any technology company’s calendar. Here, tech brands from all over the world come together for the latest technology unveils and products we can expect in 2021.While the event this year was virtual, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, exciting technology was still announced this year from different parts of the industry.

Smartphones take a new form

While CES is not known for being the launchpad of new phones, there were a few noteworthy devices mentioned at the tech show in January. LG, for example, teased that it will be releasing a smartphone with a rollout screen in 2021. The LG Rollable sleekly transforms your phone into tablet at a touch of a button. Whereas in the past, we’ve seen other companies looking at foldable technology for phones, rollables might shift mobile technology even further.

Samsung also unveiled its new flagship Galaxy S smartphone range, which includes the S Pen stylus as optional add-on for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. All three phones can also film in 8K, which is double the maximum resolution of the iPhone 12 and have an ultra-wide, wide and 3x-zoom telephoto capabilities.  The S21 Ultra goes one step further and adds a further 10x-zoom telephoto lens, letting owners shoot action from even further away.


Wearables of the future

Wearables also play a big role at the trade show with everything from smartwatches to clip-on speakers for your sunglasses featuring at the event. Highlights this year included a new wearable by Quantum Operations which has developed a working prototype of a non-invasive wearable glucose monitor that doesn’t require a needle to be inserted into the skin. Using proprietary spectroscopy technology to read blood glucose levels from sensors built into the watch band, this could be an extremely transformative piece of tech for diabetics.

Razer also made headlines at CES 2021 with its smart mask entitled Project Hazel – designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The mask features built-in N95 respirators that are embedded into a transparent plastic shroud. This allows people to see your face while still protecting you from airborne viruses. The transparent plastic section also comes with built-in lighting that automatically turns on at night so people can see your face. And finally, with Razer’s VoiceAmp tech, the mask uses mics and amps to make sure your voice isn’t muffled and sounds crisp and clear to those around you.


Smart Home gadgets get even smarter

Another area of interest at CES 2021 followed closely by tech lovers is the array of new connected objects for the home. These objects give you a variety of innovative ways to keep your house clean, secure, and entertaining. The Samsung Family Hub 2021, for example, can help you to order your groceries through voice activation, find recipes for dinner, and manage other appliances in the house, like preheating your oven.

Other interesting announcements included the reveal of the Ampere Shower Power Bluetooth Shower Speaker. This gadget is powered by running shower water, so it’s always recharging. Clamp this shower speaker above your showerhead and connect it to your phone to enjoy 360-degrees of sound thanks to the sound diffuser.

Last but not least this year’s CES saw the release of the CareOS Themis Smart Mirror packed with sensors to track your health. Using an IR temperature monitor, a UV skin analysis light, and a camera, the mirror can notice changes in your health, such as hygiene, skincare routine, mental health, and more. It then gives you personalised tips to improve your well-being, including guiding you through a relaxed breathing exercise or facial yoga session.

While these innovations are great, they are only a small selection of what CES 2021 had to offer. For an even larger list you can visit this webpage here.

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