Does your bank use two-factor authentication?

The safest way to bank online is with some sort of personal digital security device to prove it is really you making the charge. This could be done by inserting your EMV bank chip card into a small USB reader when you pay online. Your bank checks that the card is present and authentic, and that you entered your PIN code. Only then will it approve the access or transaction.

Another way is to use a handheld readerwith the chip card to generate a different password you must enter on the keyboard for every online banking session or payment.

Having a second factor like this in addition to the password makes online banking much more secure. It is like when you make an ATM withdrawal or a chip and PIN purchase, because you need both an ATM/payment card and a PIN code. Bankers call this “two-factor” authentication. One factor is something you know, the PIN, and the second factor is something you have, the chip card. The small computer in the chip card provides the digital security. Even if someone steals your password, say by phishing or a keyboard logger spyware program, they cannot access your account because they do not have this device.

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