How to check if your Facebook data was shared with Cambridge Analytica

Following the global scandal that Facebook has shared the data of 87 million of its users with Cambridge Analytica through the This is Your Digital Life app. It then used the data to target them with personal ads, now the social media giant has rolled out a tool which allows you to check if your data has been compromised.

Here’s how you can check if you have been affected. When you open Facebook in your browser or via the app on your phone, you will see a message on your News Feed, explaining if Cambridge Analytica (or any other company now banned from Facebook) had your data. However, you will be notified only if you have used directly – or were friends with someone who used – the This is Your Digital Life App.

If you didn’t receive the notification, but still want to check if any websites or apps have had access to your data, you can do so by going to this support link or searching for “How can I tell if my info was shared with Cambridge Analytica?” in Facebook’s help centre.

If you received a message saying “a friend of yours did log in” into the This is Your Digital Life app, this means that their public profile, page likes, birthday and current city were likely shared with the company, as well as potentially the contents of their news feed at the time. If you receive a message informing you that you have installed the app on your device, then this means that you almost certainly handed over your and your friends’ personal information at the time.

Here’s what you can do if you have been caught up in the scandal. All Facebook users are being encouraged to check the social network’s privacy settings to check which websites and apps have permission to access the data they have shared on the social media platform. By doing so, you would be able to enable/ disable access to your Facebook data for websites of your choice.

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