The best apps for secure messaging

People are wondering if they should secure and protect the messages they send via apps. Some are worried that hackers will read their private thoughts, and others worry about indiscriminate surveillance. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep your messages private and secure, we have the perfect list of apps for you to choose from.

Signal – available on iOS and Android


Signal is one of the most famous apps for private messaging. You can send messages to individuals or groups and everything you send is end-to-end encrypted. Plus, it will also encrypt your SMS, MMS and voice calls (with other Signal users) too.

WhatsApp – available on iOS and Android

secure messaging


One of the world’s most popular messaging apps, WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption meaning everything you send or say to your friends is encrypted. There has been recent debate about the amount of data that the app will share with parent-company Facebook, but you can turn this off. We’ve covered this before at this link. If you aren’t worried about Facebook potentially obtaining some of your data then WhatsApp is a great choice. Don’t worry, Facebook won’t read any of your messages, they are still secure.

Silent Phone – available on iOS and Android

secure messaging


If you’re looking for an app for securely sending messages to your business colleagues, you may want to investigate Silent Phone. Created by the people who make the secure Blackphone, this requires a monthly subscription and is very highly rated for its privacy and encryption features.

Viber available on iOS and Android

secure messaging

Popular in some parts of the world, Viber is similar to WhatsApp in that it too offers end-to-end encryption and lets you know if your chat isn’t secure. A very good option if your friends are on the platform. Plus all communications to those using Viber are free.

We hope you find the option suitable to you, but as you can see there are many apps out there that allow you to send secure and encrypted messages.