Back to School – tech tips for students

Good news for parents, schoolkids and students – technology is making education more accessible and enjoyable. It can make learning methods more engaging and help children and older students enhance their numeracy and literacy skills at home.

So how exactly can tech help educate and why should you embrace it? Here are a few things that might help you or your children – whatever your age – over the next academic year.

Educational tech apps

zoo alphabet


Nowadays, younger schoolchildren can supplement school learning with educational apps, which can be easily downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Puzzles, math, games, spelling competitions – if you can think of it, you can probably download it! Apps are great ways of making learning fun. Some examples of educational apps include What’s The Sound?, Zoo Alphabet for Kids and Stack The Countries. Get downloading them!


Educational tech games

gameboy for learning


Anyone remember the Nintendo GameBoy? The iconic handheld games console has a successor, the VTech MobiGo, but this one’s for educational purposes. It comes with games which teaches kids about colors, shapes, logic, spelling and even more. It’s aimed at younger children of 3-8 years.


Educational tech mind mapping

mind mapping


Something that older students always dread is revision. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool to make mind-mapping and brainstorming more fun? Well, there’s good news. Mindomo is a tremendous tool for organizing notes in a visually-appealing, memorable format. It’s also equipped with real-time collaboration, meaning several users can operate at the same time on a brainstorm – meaning students can work easily with their friends.


Educational tech pens

smart pen


Here’s another one for older students, who sometimes feel they can’t take notes fast enough or miss what their teacher or lecturer has said. Now, there are cool gadgets available which not only improve note-taking, but record what the tutor is saying as well! Livescribe comes with a smartpen, dot paper and a mobile app, which can connect to a smartphone or tablet. It allows users to take notes digitally and choose whether to convert them into files. Plus, it can record what a teacher’s saying, ensuring you don’t miss a single detail!


Educational tech projectors

pocket projectors


Got a homework assignment which involves making a presentation? Then it might be time to invest in a pocket projector. These compact devices can be moved around at ease and encourage children to practice delivering their presentations at home. Alternatively, if you were off sick and missed a lesson, a pocket projector can be used to display a teacher or lecturer’s presentation in high-definition on a bedroom wall. There are great models available from companies like BenQ.


To conclude, it’s clear there’s plenty of tech to help students of all ages boost their grades. Got any questions? Let us know by posting a comment below.