Am I sharing too many photos of my children on social media?

If you’ve got young children, it might be tempting to show them off to the rest of the world; funny things they do around the house, their first day at school, sports day, days out at theme parks…you get the picture. While posting photos of your kids to Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms might seem totally harmless, there are some risks that need to be considered.

As in real life, not everybody on the Internet has noble intentions, so if you’re a regular photo-taker, you may wish to reconsider how you share content relating to you children.

Privacy settings

If you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and you don’t have strictly controlled privacy settings, anyone can see content you post. Consider how comfortable you are with a total stranger viewing an image of your child. That’s why we’d recommend limiting the audience of your content, which can be easily activated on your account settings. Many parents lack basic privacy know-how, so it’s worth brushing up and referencing the help pages of each network you use.

Personal information

We’d strongly advise against revealing personal information of your child. It’s not sensible to reveal the current location of your kid, or give out their full name, school, or address on the public Internet. When you post a photo of your child, think carefully about whether you’re revealing any of this information.

Are you asking your child permission?

Consider whether your child (or their friends, or their friends’ parents) want their photo to be uploaded to social media. They might feel embarrassed or concerned about people they don’t know viewing pictures of them.


Most social networks allow content to be shared or, in the case of Twitter, retweeted. What this means is that content can be appropriated by others and used in contexts the original uploader might deem inappropriate or offensive. As a result, think carefully about whether your photo could be misinterpreted.

While it’s perfectly possible to share photos of your children in a safe, secure way, it’s sensible to consider the security aspects.