Am I able to monitor the websites that my child goes to?

If you live in Singapore, your children are online. According to surveys, 96 per cent of children aged 7 to 14 have accessed the Internet at least once in 12 months, and 76 per cent of Singapore households have access to the Internet*. Where are they going?

If you are concerned about that, first talk to your child and set expectations for online behavior. It also helps to keep your computer in a central location and restrict Internet access during sleeping hours to limit your child’s curiosity to try to visit “off limits” Web sites.

The simplest way to monitor the websites your child visits is to look at the browser history.
• In Google Chrome click and hold the back button;
• In Microsoft Internet Explorer click the drop down arrow next to back button or press control + shift + H (see illustration below);
• In Firefow or Safari, simply go in “History” menu.
Do not show your child though because they will just delete the history.

You also have several options for filtering what your children can see and where they can go online. Some browsers have built-in features, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer Content Advisor and Apple Safari Parental Controls, although Firefox users have to download a plug-in.

In addition, there are special software programs, such as NetNanny, McAfee Family Protection, and CyberPatrol, that can monitor your children’s online activity. This comprehensive list of filtering and monitoring software is maintained as a public service.

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*2008 annual survey by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore