About this site

Welcome to JustAskThales, the site which helps you navigate the digital world. On this site, you will find answers to your questions on all aspects of digital life. The aim of the site is to help you take full advantage of the devices and services you have and use on a daily basis in a secure way – when you shop online, surf the web, use your mobile, manage personal data, make payments, travel and more. We want these experiences to be easy to use, convenient and safe.

Behind the website is Thales, a leading European Tech player whose vision is to build a future we can all trust. The Thales Digital Identity & Security business supplies solutions to many of the best known banks, mobile operators, business and governments around the globe. We have thousands of employees around the world and use this site to share their unique expertise with you. We believe that the more information you have about your digital services, the safer and easier to use they become. Enjoy your digital life!

How to use JustAskThales.com

On this site, you will find answers to your questions on digital services such as shopping online, surfing the web, using your mobile, paying, travelling and much more. By linking to related sites, it is a great starting place for information.
The posts on the site are split into the following three categories:

  1. Tech Explained – Articles explaining the latest technology, devices and digital services
  2. Your Digital Life – Answers to your everyday digital lifestyle questions and steps you can take to get more out of the digital world
  3. Work Hub – Information and advice for boosting the productivity and security of your business

If you don’t find the answer you need, send us your question and we’ll get one of our thousands of experts on the case. And if you have more information to improve an existing article, leave a comment below and if it’s useful we’ll update the site.