6 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions in 2022

Happy 2022! It’s now officially the time of year where we look back at the previous year and begin setting ourselves often quite ambitious targets for the year ahead. Unfortunately, these resolutions don’t always stick, with only 26% of people admitting to keeping all of their New Year’s Resolutions. It can be tricky to commit to a routine – especially when trying to figure out the hectic work/life balance while working from home.

However, with the right help and equipment, keeping New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here’s our round up of some great apps to help with the most common New Year’s Resolutions.

Be More Mindful – Headspace

After two incredibly stressful years, at times it can feel impossible to clear your head. We’re often told to practice breathing exercises to feel calmer but, without guidance, effective breathing exercises can be difficult to locate and even more difficult to follow.

Headspace is an app filled with guided meditations for whatever mental state you’re in. You won’t be thrown in the deep end either, as Headspace has plenty of guided meditation lessons to train you into practicing effective meditation. Whether you’re focusing your mind with a short meditation or falling asleep with a Sleepcast – Headspace is a brilliant app to help you have a more mindful 2022.

Stop Killing Plants – Planta

Many of us took up gardening in the past year, especially after beginning to work from home. It’s nice to have something living keeping you company, even if it’s just a humble spider plant. However, going from novice gardener to plant parent isn’t easy – and your New Year’s resolution might be to simply keep a few of your plant children alive this year!

Planta allows you to individually register all of your plants and creates a personalised care plan based on what kind of plant it is. If you’re not sure, you can always take a picture and Planta will identify it for you! With reminders notifying you when to water, mist, clean and fertilise – Planta can help your plants see another year!

Start Cooking More – Kitchen Stories

While it may be true that homemade tastes better, a lot of the time eating out or ordering in are simply more convenient. However, the price of always going to restaurants or getting food delivered can seriously add up. Another great reason to cook at home is that you know exactly what’s going into your meal, meaning you can make sure you’re packing in your veg. You can even adapt some of your favourite recipes to be vegetarian or vegan!

One of the big problems with motivating yourself to cook is a lack of good recipes, however recipe apps can really help with that. Our current favourite is Kitchen Stories, an app that suggests new, tasty recipes to you everyday and guides you through them with easy-to-follow steps and video instructions! If you see something you like on another website, you can save it right to the app and have all your recipes in one place. There’s an integrated shopping list and even a tool for uploading your own recipes to the app! If you’re ready to become a real chef – try out Kitchen Stories!

Get Better With Money – Emma

Saving money is a big concern for people, and a very popular New Year’s Resolution. In a 2020 YouGov poll on the UK’s resolutions for 2021, 39% of people said their resolution was to ‘save more money’. This has raised by 4% since the 2019’s survey and is predicted to increase again in 2021.

Budgeting apps have been available in app stores for a long time, with some banks now including a budgeting feature within their mobile banking apps. We love the Emma app, as it keeps all your accounts in one place so you can track all your outgoing costs on a clear dashboard. Emma helps you to cancel subscriptions you may have forgotten you had, avoid overdrafts and set daily or weekly budgets. If you have multiple cards or accounts and want to reduce your spending, Emma can seriously help you out in the new year!

Be More Sustainable – Horizon

In 2021, all eyes have been on the unfolding climate crisis. After COP26, both the government and the general public have become more concerned about creating a more sustainable future, and many are hoping to do something about this in their own lives in 2022.

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck, as there’s no shortage of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store to help you become more sustainable. One of our favourites right now is Horizon, an app that aims to reduce plastic waste by helping you to recycle smarter. You simply need to scan the barcode of a product and Horizon will tell you where you can recycle that container near to you. The more you scan, the smarter the app gets, and can suggest more recycling tips to other users of the app. If you’re too busy to find out the cycling restrictions in your local area but still want to help out – Horizon is the app for you.

Get Active – Zombies, Run!

According to the 2020 YouGov poll, the UK’s top New Year’s Resolution for 2021 was ‘doing more exercise and improving my fitness’ – with 53% of participants wanting to get more active. With many people now working from their laptops inside, it’s no surprise we want to get out and improve our fitness.

There are a lot of running apps out there, so we’ve something a little different from the rest. Zombies, Run! is an immersive game and audio adventure designed to motivate you to run by putting you directly in the heart of a ‘saving the world from a zombie invasion’ story. You can run from zombie sounds, take certain routes to collect supplies – and yes, you are able to track your route. If you’re finding exercise repetitive and want something to give you that boost, pick up Zombies, Run! today.

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